Monday, October 17, 2011

A Very Pretty Halloween With Lynnderella Lacquers

Lynn of Lynnderella Lacquers debuted the sale of her Early Halloween collection in August. I placed two orders and got eight of the nine shades available. While the shades are build-able in about three coats, I opted to wear them layered on a similar base color.

Cauldron Drippings:  A hodgepodge of multi-color, multi-shaped glitters in a sparkling orange base.

I paired Cauldron Drippings with Maybelline's Orange Blazes, a vivid orange creme. 

I love orange. I really do and this made me love it even more! 

Close up of the glitters:

She Lived In A Swamp: Multi-sized sea green, chartreuse and mossy green hexagons and squares in a yellow-green-gold base with gold and green holographic hexagons and olive microglitter.

Orly's Fresh, a green apple creme, was made for She Lived In a Swamp

Match made in Heaven!

Sparkle shot:

All Hallow's Eve: Deep green squares with emerald, lime, moss and chartreuse hexagons and squares in a sparkling midnight-green base. Also contains emerald holographic hexagons and gold holo micro and hex glitter.

Sinful Colors San Francisco, an emerald green shimmer, provided a really good base for All Hallow's Eve

So lovely! 

You need to see how these things sparkle. 

Very Pretty Vampire: Multiple sizes of burgundy hexagons and squares in a dark blood-red base with scattered black and red multi-sized accents.

I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Ruby Rush with Very Pretty Vampire.

I've seen a lot of people layer this over black, but I really like how the burgundy base worked with this.

And so you can see the glitters a little better:

The Telltale Heart: Magenta squares, hexagons and microglitter in a blue- and pink-sparked translucent magenta base.

China Glaze's Senorita Bonita and The Telltale Heart

Oh yea. They've got a thing going on!

Mmmmm Hmmmm.

Bride of Franken: Electric blue multi-sized glitter with holographic rainbow dust, pink and blue sparks in a sheer, pale lavender base.

Bride of Franken is a sheer stunner so I used Revlon's Modern Grace to showcase her.

I love the the holo rainbow dust in this one!

And here's a closer look:

Bibbity Bobbity Boo Blue: Squares hexagons and micro-glitter in turquoise, navy, royal, periwinkle with blue-violet and violet  in a cornflower blue base.

 Pure Ice French Kiss called out to Bibbity Bobbity Boo Blue from my stash.
And I see why.

They are lovers.

Love Potion No. 99: Multi-sized purple, violet and fuchsia hexagons and squares in a cool violet base with violet holographic micro glitter. 

Purples confuse my camera, so I tried to use diffused flash to show you Sephora By OPI's Just a Little Dangerous and Love Potion No. 99.

But for clarity's sake I took the flash off, so my swatches show the couple way more blue than is true to life.

Nonetheless she sparkles!

Lynn, the super sweet woman that she is, sent me an extra called Thank Blue. It's a gorgeous aqua/teal based glitter with green and blue with holographic shimmer thrown in.

I grabbed L'Oreal's Blue Marine to use under Thank Blue.

It's a gem. It's like wearing aquamarines on your nails!

Close up:

So if you love glitter you need to stalk Lynnderella's blog for her next sale. Along with Early Halloween she has been taking orders for her First Edition collection and is working on a third called Funny Money. They retail for $12 a bottle and she has a five bottle minimum order.

Do any of these get you in the mood for Halloween? Dish on you favorites of the shades.


  1. How pretty! I think Bibbity Bobbity Blue is my favorite. I would have loved some Lynderellas but couldn't swing the minimum.

  2. I love tha green and the vampy look. I love, love, love me some glitter so I have to check these out for sure.