Sunday, November 13, 2011

31 Days of Manis: Day 13: Elephunk Skin

I went riffling through my stash looking for inspiration for animal print nails day. I came across Funky Fingers Elephunk and I instantly knew I had to do elephant skin nails. Elephants don't get love like zebras, cheetahs, and leopards do, but they're still an important part of the jungle. Anyway here's my take on it.

I used two coats of Elephunk. It's a medium gray with a hint of lilac and has this great silver shimmer running all through it.

I used Pure Ice Kiss Me Here to stamp the pattern using image plate C05 from this Beauties-Factory 10-piece set. 

 This image is tiny! I had to stamp each nail about seven billion times to cover the nail. LOL. Okay not really--it was about six times per nail.(But I'd do it all again and I will when I can wear it for more than one day!) The best part though is that even if you overlap the stamps you cannot mess this up! 

And the final look again.

I'm so in love with this, I don't want to take this off. Alright. I'm off to scour my image plates for ideas for tomorrow's flower print mani. In the meantime do check out
L , Kisten and  Katherine for their animal print manis!

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  1. oh this is so creative!! heh you are right elephants totally get overlooked!