Friday, October 7, 2011

Case Study

One thing I love about as much as nail polish are personality quizzes. I'm always curious to see if they can get me with the random questions of their choosing. Sometimes they're dead on. A lot of the times they're not.

I took this one called "What Essie Nail Color Are You?" this morning. After answering a few questions about the shoes I wear on dates, and my hair style of  choice the quiz makers deemed me Essie Case Study.

They said:

This new neutral by Essie is described as “a rich, camel beige.” Just like you, it’s sensible, even-tempered, well-rounded and likes to play it safe. In a word: reliable!
I'd say they pegged me, personality wise, but the jury is out on if this shade goes with me.

The shade is from the Fall 2011 Brand New Bag Collection. I'd passed it over when I picked up Carry On, a deep purple shade. I just happened see at Bed Bath and Beyond on my lunch break so I picked it up. I'll have to try it out soon.


  1. I like the neutral. Tried OPI San Tan-tonio recently for something different. I am with you in that I am not sure if the neutral are for me. It looked nice but washed out, brown on brown. I had no idea Bed Bad Beyond sold Essie. I will be checking for that on my next trip there since I have been anxious to try the bag collection too.

  2. I have San Tan-toni too and liked it. I'll have to remember to do a comparison of it with Case Study.

  3. I got "Lady Like" :)