Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Holo Halloween with Nfu-Oh 61

After swatching those Hedy's from yesterday's post, I had holo on the brain so I decided to pull out Nfu-Oh 61 for this Halloween themed manicure.

Nfu-Oh is a Korean brand, but I got 61 a couple months ago from their U.S distributor. The Nfu-Oh holos can be a bit try to work with, but with one coat of Nfu-Oh Aqua Base and two coats of 61 I was all good. Here you can see some of her linear goodness come to life.

 I stamped the web and spider from plate BM 13 from the 21-piece Bundle Monster set  with American Apparel's Hassid.

Then I decided that it was a bit too plain so I added a couple of glitters from this random holographic hex  glitter polish from Forever 21. I glopped a bit of the polish on the image plate I had out and used a toothpick to place them on the spider's body.

I love this!

And a close up:

Also fellow beauty/fashion bloggers if you have a Halloween themed manicure, send it on over to the polish insomniac. She's hosting a Halloween link party, but you gotta hurry because it closes tonight at 11:59 CST.


  1. That is adorable. I have the same bundle monster plate and I love the deigns on it. The spiderweb image turned out to be a dud though. Major bummer. Cute mani!

  2. Thanks Vee! That is a bummer that the image was a dud. I've heard other ladies report the same issue to Bundle Monster and have gotten replacement plates. It's worth a shot.

  3. Love this combo! The glitters make it perfect!