Monday, October 3, 2011

So...When Did You Fall in Love With Nail Polish?

Hi! Welcome to ManiCured! I'm really glad to have you here! It seems only fitting that I introduce you to my little slice of the nail polish blogging world with the story of how I fell in love with nail polish.

I’ve always liked to have a nice manicure, but after years of acrylics that wreaked havoc on my nails and my wallet I gave up on being a polish girl. I’d buy a polish or two and really only painted my toes. I’d do my nails for special occasions. My ‘polish love affair’ started when I joined a ‘Natural Nail Challenge’ on a natural hair board. Our mission was to maintain our natural nails at home and share our pics. I started googling for tips and tricks and stumbled upon a beauty forum with a dedicated nail section.

At the time Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure (from the Spring 2010 Tracy Reese collection) was all the rage on the nail forum. I got hooked on looking at all the beautiful manicures created with it. This polish literally transforms the mundane into the spectacular. I searched high and low for that polish. It being limited edition and the fact that I didn’t discover it until about two months after its drugstore distribution, I never found it. Instead I settled for a ‘dupe’ (a.k.a. acceptable knock off) Nubar 2010.

It was one of the first nail polishes I ordered online--and to a person with instant gratification issues you know I had to be crazy about this polish. Nubar was running a special so I threw it and four other lovelies into my basket and two weeks later it was it was like my dreams had come true. I put it over Zoya’s Julieanne and it was magic. It was love at first swipe.

Somehow though I'm so enamored with this combo this really bad camera phone pic is the only documentation I have of this manicure. I'll have to redo this at some point. I have a serious love affair with purple and layering so I'm sure this will be a repeat at some point.

Thank you all for stopping by! Don't be shy! Be sure to comment and tell me all about when you fell in love with nail polish! 


  1. Hey there! What a great idea to blog about nails, polish and all things n between. Love the pics. I have always had a love affair with nails and polish. If you recall last December after one of our meetups I purchased quite a few polishes from Ulta. I was ALWAYS trying to learn how to do acrylics and doing my nails, from around age 12 or 13. I'm a complete girly girl and pretty polish and great looking nails make me feel even more feminine.

    I will definitely be following your blog. Although I am not sure if that is a good idea since I will be encouraged and enticed to purchase I'm sure, lol.

  2. Hey dva!!! Glad to have you here! I do remember that Ulta trip. I bought way too much nail polish myself that day. God bless Kelle for that friends and family discount! Now you are reminding me of my failed attempts at at-home acrylics. I'll have to tell you guys that story one day!