Monday, October 24, 2011

Hedy's "Holographic": Review and Comparisons

I found the Hedy Holographic collection at Rite Aid. They retail for $3.99 which is pricey considering the bottles are only 0.22 fl ounces.

The collection is more of a duochrome lot than holographic, save the silver shade called Space Silver.

And here she is, a silver with chunky holographic shimmery bits.

The closest thing I have in my stash to this is Milani's HD.

Both are considered scattered holographic polishes, but the Milani has smaller particles so it gives off a more prismatic effect.

L-R: Milani HD ,Space Silver, Milani HD, Space Silver.

Next up is Blaster--a lilac almost periwinkle duochrome shade. It took four coats to get to bottle color.

Oh look. I knew this looked familiar. Blaster seen here with Jesse's Girl Confetti and Sally Hansen DVD. They're all close but I wouldn't exactly call them dupes.

From left-to-right is DVD on pointer and ring nails and Blaster on the middle and pinky nails. Both are four coats. DVD is a touch more blue whereas Baster reads as more of an icy lilac.

Here's a comparison photo with all three polishes.
L-R: Confetti, Blaster, DVD, Blaster
You don't need all three.
Next we have Way Out Fuscia, a very pretty pink with a blue shift. I used three coats here.

Found a dupe in my stash. Sally Hansen Byte.

Byte has a touch more blue shimmer, but for all intents and purposes, Way Out Fuscia and Byte are twins.

L-R: Byte, WOF, Byte, WOF
Finally we have Beyond Opal. Three coats here and I still have some visible nail line.

But look at her shift! She's green, she's blue, she's a beauty!

But alas, I have something similar in my stash: Jesse's Girl Firefly.

 Let's see how they match up.

L-R: Firefly, Beyond Opal, Firefly, Beyond Opal

The shimmer particles in Firefly are larger leaving it looking more sparse on the nail than Beyond Opal.

So in summary, Hedy's "Holographic" collection is nice, but if you have any of the others I've featured in this post then you can skip this collection. 


  1. Found this entry while searching for more info on these--great post! Thanks for doing all the comparisons; that's very helpful!

  2. Thanks for the upload I am now the new proud owner of Beyond Opal :)