Sunday, November 6, 2011

31 Days of Manis: Day 6, Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament

It's Day 6 and Violet nails. My favorite color family!! I have so much purple nail polish it's ridiculous. I had a really hard time choosing a nail polish for this day but in the end I went with Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament.

I've been wanting to try the magnetic trend, and I got this during Sephora's Friends and Family sale. With 20% off the $16 price tag I was all in!

Houses of Parliament starts out as a this rich dark purple metallic. 
I'm showing you my right hand for this because I had already used the magnet on my left hand before I thought 'Oh, maybe I should show a 'before' picture."

This is one coat of the polish seen here. Please excuse all these bumps and ridges. I really should buff those or at least used my ridge filling base coat, but I used CND Stickey and that's what I got. It didn't matter because the polish is on the thick side and once you put on the second coat it smooths all that out. 

So how this works is you paint your all your nails with one coat. Then, one nail at a time you paint your second coat and hold the magnetized cap over it to create the design. The polish dries super quickly, so you really have to move fast. Here's what you end up with:

I held the magnet over each nail for about 20 seconds, but I really think it works almost instantly. 

Now I'm about to head over and check my challenge buddies L, Kisten and  Katherine to see what they did for their Violet nails and you should too! Tomorrow is Black AND White nails. This should be fun! 

Ciao! Enjoy your Sunday!

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