Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 9: Vintage Mani FAIL

Hey guys, it's Week 9 of this yearlong mani challenge I'm on. I'm putting this Vintage mani in the FAIL column.

Yuck! I really really really don't like this. But in the name of the challenge I did it and posted it.I started with one coat of China Glaze Heaven, a sheer shimmery light peach color, because I was trying to camouflage my yellow tips a little bit--not that it actually worked.

I used reinforcement stickers and tape to divide my nail area. 

Then I painted the center with China Glaze Winter Berry--a really nice deep jelly red, and took off the tape and reinforcements as soon as I finished painting each nail. I tried to clean up my lines with my cleanup brush  and acetone. 

So yea FAIL. Once I saw how this was turning out I decided to only do these four fingers you see and as soon as I snapped these photos this came off with the quickness. I don't even have the desire to ever try this again and see if it turns out better. It's just that bad.

Anyway, hopefully next week's polka dot challenge leaves me with a mani I can actually wear for more than five minutes.

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  1. I did mine and didn't like it either!! But you are better than me, I didn't even post mine!