Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 7: Valentine's Mani

Hey guys! I'm so excited that I'm actually posting my Week 7 Challenge Mani on time! Whoo hoo!

I wanted to try out the Watercolor manicure trend I've seen floating around various blogs and YouTube channels. Once you have your base color applied the basic idea is to apply various dots of color and spread them out with a brush dipped in acetone. Simple!

 Here's what I used to create this look. 

L-R: Revlon Calla Lily, Revlon Frankly Scarlet, Revlon Temptress, Revlon Ruby Ribbons
I started this mani with one coat of Revlon Calla Lily over two coats of Nail Life Ridge Filler. Then I used Revlon Frankly Scarlet, Revlon Ruby Ribbons and Revlon Temptress for the watercolor design. Then I topped all of that with another coat of Revlon Calla Lily for some extra sparkle.

I love the way this turned out. It's so girly and it sorta looks like abstract roses. Appropriate for Valentine's Day right?

Have you guys tried out this type of mani? I'm loving it and really want to experiment with some other colors. I'm thinking a purple, green and yellow could look really hot for Spring--which I am impatiently waiting on! It's too cold in my neck of the woods.

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