Thursday, February 2, 2012

Icing Magnetix Swatches

Last week I picked up Icing's four-color collection of magnetic polishes. They are super glittery and the magnets on these work great.

Unfortunately they are nameless. There are two different types of magnets--one produces straight lines and the other wavy ones. I like that the cap is removable, like the ones by Nails Inc.

All these swatches are of one coat ( Love that!) no top coat or base coat. 

First up, the green/golden color. This one came with the straight magnet. It also had a wonky brush, so you might want to check for that. It wasn't unusable though, but it's something to look out for.

As you can see by the time I got to my index finger (I start my manis and swatches with my pinky) I flipped the magnet and got the lines going in the opposite direction. I totally did not do this on purpose. I wasn't paying attention and then when I looked down at the result I was all "one of these things is not like the others." LOL. So yea if you want all your lines going in the same direction pay close attention to how you hold your magnet.

I got the hang of it by the time I started using the black/gray/silver one. This one also came with the straight lines magnet. I feel like if I were to name these I'd call this one tire tracks.

I didn't really expect to like the pink/magenta one as much as I did, but it turned out to be my favorite of the four. Mine came with the wavy magnet, so that's what I used for this swatch.

Then I rotated the wavy magnet, using the blue shade. I really like the look of the wavy lines going vertically. It gives it a ocean wave feel. I love the lighter blue against the darker one. Be careful with this though, it has the potential to be a stainer.

How are you guys feeling about the magnetic nail trend? I'm loving it. I'm all for quick and easy nail art. I'd love to see a neon one. That could be so awesome!

The Icing Magnetix retail for $9.50, but you can get them buy one get one 50 percent off. Good deal I'd say. 

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