Thursday, December 15, 2011

Show and Tell: Red Angel Stamping Plates

You guys know how in love with stamping I am so when I heard about these new image plates from Red Angel, I hopped on over to Amazon to order them. They were $11.99 with $3.99 for shipping so less than $16 for 21 new plates! Yay! I haven't used these yet, so I wouldn't call this a formal review, but more a 'show and tell'

They come with a blue plastic protective film, but no paper backing--so the edges are pretty sharp. (I recommend adding some card stock to the back with some double sided tape. I haven't gotten around to that yet, but I soon will.) Also the set doesn't included a scraper or stamper so make sure you order those if you don't already have them.
On to the pics!

Overall, most of the image plates feature full nail designs. They are about the same size as the second generation of the Bundle Monster set so they should cover most nails--even thumbs! There are two plates designed for french tip or half-moon manis and the others have a variety of medium and larger images. I'd say it's a good value.

Anyone out there have these already? What do you think of them? I'm really excited that there are so many different images that I haven't see in other sets. I'm super excited about plate RA-117. I've already got a mani in mind for that one!

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