Friday, December 16, 2011

Franken Friday: Inspired by Butter London The Black Knight

When I first saw swatches of Butter London's The Black Knight I was all "OMG" Somehow my schedule never allowed me to get to Ulta to see if I could grab the duo it came in and I didn't feel like ordering online. (Meaning I didn't want to pay shipping. LOL.)

Meanwhile I was on makeupalley and saw all these ladies making franken dupes from ingredients I already had in my stash (Sally Hansen Midnight in NY and Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink) so I followed suit.

I started with two balls (for mixing)and this mini bottle from TKB Trading

 Then I filled the bottle three-quarters with Sally Hansen Midnight in NY.

 The mini funnel came with some glitters I bought at Wal-mart. I think they sell them separately though.

 I filled the bottle with Sally Hansen Rock Star Pink, gave it a good shake and voila! 

My boyfriend suggested I call it Cosmos. I can dig it.

And blurred so you can see the glitter a little better.

I'm pleased. I'm going to have to start frankening more often :)

Do you guys have The Black Knight or are you gonna skip it and make a dupe?

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  1. Oh lovely, it's pretty good, I did a post yesterday funnily enough on Black Knight!