Tuesday, December 6, 2011

*Updated* CVS Beauty Clearance

When I saw Nouveau Cheap's post about the CVS Beauty clearance being on, I  knew I had to investigate for myself. I LOVE CLEARANCE.   Note: The stores I went to didn't have stickers on any of the merchandise yet, so it's worth scanning the items you're interested in at the magic coupon/price check machine to see if they're included in the clearance sale. In two CVS trips I discovered the following on sale: Shades with an asterisk next to it means that the shade was reported as clearance on makeupalley.     Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, 75% off (at my store $2.07):Thinking of Blue
Purple Pulse
Black PlatinumNavy Baby

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength (old bottle), 75% off ($1.37 each at my store)
Diamonds & Rubies
Royal Romance
*Tyin' The Knot
*Luminous Tulips
*Save the Date
*Lilac Chantilly

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 75% off ($0.82 each at my store):
Purple Potion
Plum Power
Hot Magenta
Ivy League
Blue It
Red Carpet
Wet Cement *Go Green
   Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, 75% off ($1.37 each at my store):
Quick Sand
Grape Going
Wined Up
Blue Streak
Whirlwind White

Revlon Nail Enamel 75% off ($1.45 at my store):
Plum NightRaisin Rage
Hushed Blush
Steel Her Heart
Tuscan Sun
Fire Fox
Peach Petal
Frankly Scarlet
Lilac Pastelle
Ruby Ribbon
Emerald City
Silver Screen
Sheer Rose*Powder Puff  I hear the magic coupon machine is printing $3 off 2 Sally Hansen products, but I didn't get that coupon.   **Update** Wet n Wild's Mega Last line is 50% off.  
I also found that the following Sally Hansen Salon Effects shades are 75% off:Violet NightIt GirlTeal With ItCry BabyRed-y For TroubleGrooveSqueezedElectric Shock 
I found two shades of Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro 75% off:Black SatinGold Silk 
I know this list isn't exhaustive, but I hope it can at least give you a good start. Happy clearance polish hunting! Let me know what you guys find.

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  1. After seeing your post today I ended up in CVS and got all sorts of stuff!! Can't wait to go to another one tomorrow! Thanks for the post!